DAO² is a content production DAO in DAOSquare community focusing on DAO, Web3, investments, and industry insights. Our motto is: Discovering and creating value.

What we do

Where we work

How we work

Who we need

| Coordinator | 1️⃣ Organize search and collect translation resources and original article topic, and create tasks for it. 2️⃣ Arrange the team and workflow for tasks, and manage it. 3️⃣ Arrange the publish plan for article. 4️⃣ Responsible for quality of content. | | --- | --- | | Scout | Search the great articles about DAO, Web3, and insight of crypto space for translation or original article topics. | | Researcher | Technology, product, financial, industry and other research. | | Writer | Write original articles | | Translator | Translate articles | | Reviewer | Proofread the translation or original article. | | Publisher | Publish article on MuseX and share them to DAOSquare community (Discord and Wechat group) |

What we reward

Works Coordination Scout Researcher Writing Translation Review Publisher
RICE 50/article 10/article in Writing 100/article normally 80/1k words(EN) Translators check each other 10/article
DKP3 1/article 1/article in Writing 1/article 1/article Translators check each other 1/article

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